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Dr Sang Hee Park (PhD.TCM)

Nationally registered at APHRA



PhD. TCM (China)

Diploma of Beauty therapy

Diploma of Animal Acupuncture

Certified Cosmetic Acupuncturist


Ju Hyun Kim (Chloe)

Nationally registered at APHRA



Bachelor of TCM(SITCM)

Certified Cosmetic Acupuncturist



Hello! My name is Sang Hee — lecturer and founder of this clinic. Let me tell you a bit about my journey.

It all began when I was running a beauty salon in the early 2000's. I had regular customers coming in for facials, intensive treatments, and fancy cosmetic products.

These women loved the treatments.  They liked the pampering. But I noticed that there were something crucial was missing from these treatments. Many of my clients were experiencing that wouldn’t correct themselves and seemed to signal something deeper inside their body.  I understood them. I was in the same position. I had small children- I was working, running around constantly. The person who I neglected their inner health the most was me.

And I paid the consequences, big time! My bathroom cabinet was spilling over with complex products to fix my extra lines, under-eye bags, hormonal pigmentation, and saggy skin. All of these things  amounted to a tired, middle-aged stranger - that's what I saw in the mirror. It wasn't only my skin! I knew I had deeper issues. I had body aches from childbirth. I felt body chills, unexplained coldness, stiff joints, and the inability to wear short sleeves, even in hot weather. At night, I’d wake up with itchy hives all over my body feeling itchy. Then, one day I discovered that the left side of my body was in a state of twisted paralysis. I knew I had to do something. So, I thought, why not address my problems from the inside. I started reading.


I found out that between acupuncture and herbal medicine, women could find the confidence they were looking for while still feeling pampered. I was seeing the results firsthand. I started to feel more vibrant. The aches left me. The fog in my head was gone. I noticed that my skin started to look better. People commented that I looked younger! And I felt younger! That was when I was hooked. I had found the power in acupuncture and herbal medicine.


I began to exercise regularly with yoga and pilates, and researched quality skin treatments to give myself the younger, firmer skin that I desired. I became more centred and balanced. I was a healthy human once again.

I am now in my mid-forties — and I love my skin! I love how I look! As women, we are brought up to fear ageing. I don’t fear ageing now. In fact, I think we truly can get better with age. We can enjoy beautiful children, supportive spouses, and fulfilling careers that give us confidence from the inside out.

I am eager to help you enhance your inner health with acupuncture treatments, organic herbal medicine, and prescribed skin care regimens which will support your skin and bring you that outward-flowing radiance you’ve wanted to regain. The feedback for our services has been overwhelming and affirming.

I’m certain we can help you reach your beauty and wellness goals at whatever stage of life you find yourself. I am truly excited to welcome you into our clinic.




Oriental Approach

Gentle acupuncture personalised for your needs after a private consultation.

Acupuncture Treatment
Cosmetic Acupuncture

Look Younger

Rejuvenate and revive your skin in a holistic way.

Relax and treat yourself from the inside-out.

Chinese Medicine Herbs
Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine

Organic herbs dispensed to treat variable conditions in holistic way. These classical oriental herbs will work to rebalance and reset your health.

dogs in robes
Animal Acupuncture

You are worth it too

Acupuncture and herbs for our companions from our associated highly experienced vet. Mobile service only.

Intensive Treatment

Instant Results

Herbal active peel(see results in just 5days)

Gentle herbal peel

Skin needling

HIFU non-surgical lifting



Body Measurements
Body Treatment

Silky & Smooth

Body detox

Cellulite treatment

HIFU non-surgical slimming

Fat freezing


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(Rear shop) 12 Railway Ave., Wahroonga, NSW Austalia 2076

Back of "the Butcher's Block"


Tel: 02 9489 4000 | 0433 125 592

Opening Hours

Monday – Saturday 9 AM – 5:30 PM

Sunday    Closed

Out of trading hours appointments available by booking